Here's what some of our satisfied clients have to say:

“Learn International was hired to provide civilian experts
in the field of mountaineering, soldiering, field craft, and pyrotechnics in
order to support the training of U.S. Marines bound for Afghanistan. They came
through with outstanding people that exceeded all expectations. In addition to
sourcing the experts in a timely manner to a remote USMC training center, they
ensured their logistical support was well planned throughout the training
period, resulting in no delays or losses of personnel due to support issues. They
were focused on making the client (my unit) happy and satisfied in every aspect
of the contract. They employed creativity at all turns and any challenges they
may have experienced (a reality in the mountain environment we operate in) were
transparent to us. Their relaxed and professional demeanor influenced all that
they did and was infectious in the men and women they employed. I would be
excited to get the opportunity to work with Learn International and their crew again.” January 31, 2011


-Marine Corp Officer


“Before my current position, I had the altimate pleasure of
having worked with Learn International for circa three years (2005-2008) while
conducting Red Team Operations against the US Army. They constantly
demonstrated an excellent knowledge of; leadership skills, intelligence
colection and trend analysis, operational planning and interpersonal
relationships to name just a few. They continually shared their knowledge in an
effort to enhance the operational capabilities of their fellow team members. They
demonstrated with precise and easily understood methods of the multitude of
ways to acheive a common objective. Their deep seated belief that caring for
the troops will altermately result in acheiving your goals is the posture I
still use today. I cannot say enough about how their association with me has
guided my everyday operations today. They are one of very few organizations I
would readily and willingly go to war with - they always have your back. I
whole heartedly recommend Learn International for any mission because I know,
with their analytical thought process, the mission will always get done and
usually ahead of schedule and well within budget.” November 23, 2011


-TSA Supervisor


“It is without hesitation that I give the HIGHEST
recommendation I can to Learn International. Their skill level is literally "off the chart." They are one of the hardest working, most dependable, knowledgeable and skilled organization I have known when it comes to tactical training. Their level of work, integrity and commitment to excellence is the same whether they are getting paid or donating their time. They are simply GREAT. We have hired them on many occasions and
never regret it!” July 21, 2012


-CEO of a law enforcement technology and equipment company

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