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February 2014


Learn International will launch its first 1 week training course titled TSOC. This course is specifically designed for law enfocement officers that work in criminal investigative units. The course is a demanding 40 hours of intensive training designed to provide these officers with the capability to respond to a terrorist threat within their community.  If you or an organization you know is interested in improving their ability to respond to such a threat contact us for more information.


November 2013


Learn International developed and started delivery of a new Active Shooter Response Training: In 2013 we developed a new active shooter response training package. The package was delivered to an audience of over 40 academics. The class was so well recieved that Learn International was awarded a contract for additonal classes for a national college client. If you or an organization you know is interested in improving their ability to respond to such a threat contact us for more information.


October 2013


Learn International started expanding its arsenal of firearms to enhance its mobile training packages for law enforcement and the Department of Defense. In 2014 Learn International will have the capbility to bring at least 1 of every major handgun or rifle to a training site for familiarization. We currently have nearly 5,000 weapons to support law enforcement and DOD exercises and or weapons familiarization events.


July 2013


Learn International completed a national search for a trainer that could provide the most beneficial edged weapon awareness course for law enforcement and military professionals. The pilot course was completed and received great reviews from over 40 particpants. If you or your department is interested in hosting a edged weapon awareness course for your  law enforcement officers contact us for more information.


May 2012


Learn International launched a new parent company named Full Mission Profile to enhance the management of our Department of Defense projects. Visit our parent company site at http://www.full-mission-profile.com/ for more information on the services we have been doing since 2001.  


All DOD supported projects will now come under Full Mission Profile. Learn International will focus on all public safety personnel to include police, fire, and homeland security related contracts.

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